We have a wide variety of Machine sewing Needles available

Contact us at INTERSEW on 0861 222 029 or send us an Email to with all necessary details to orders@intersew.co.za

Schmetz Embroidery Needles R 48,30 pkt
Schmetz Stretch Needles R 48,40 pkt
Schmetz Universal Needles R 45,00 pkt
Schmetz Ballpoint Needles R 45,30 pkt
Schmetz Gold embroidery Needles R 73,00 pkt
Schmetz Overlock Needles R 52,90 pkt
Schmetz Wing Needle R41,10 pkt
Schmetz Quilting Needles R 48,40 pkt
Singer Needles S2020 R17,30 pkt
Groz Beckert needles Various Sizes available R 46,60 pkt
Singer S2054 Overlocker Needles R 71,70 pkt
Singer Dc x 27 Industrial Overlock Needles R 52,50 pkt
Schmetz Twin Needle 4,0mm R45,80
Schmetz Twin Stretch Needle 4.0mm R43,80
Schmetz Drilling Needles (2 in packet) 2,5mm R165,50